CSS Basics


This again should represent a review from what you've already covered in the Foundations Lesson on HTML/CSS, but if you're unable to answer the questions posed below in the "Learning Outcomes" section, you could probably benefit from the review of the basic stuff.

Learning outcomes

  • What are selectors?

  • In general, how specific should you be when targeting elements using selectors?

  • What's the difference between using %, em and rem to specify sizes?

  • How do you select an element inside another element?

  • How can you shorten up a long batch of CSS that's doing the same thing to many different elements by putting them all in one line?

  • How do you target the immediate child of an element?

  • How do you target a class inside a class?

  • How do you target a class inside an ID?

  • How would you target "all the links inside li elements that have the class bunny which are inside the unordered list with the id things-that-hop"?

  • What are the three ways to include CSS in your project?

  • How do you import an external stylesheet?

  • What is the browser's default stylesheet?

  • What is a "CSS Reset" file and why is it helpful?

  • Which stylesheet has preference if you import multiple ones and there are overlapping styles?

  • What is the order of priority of selectors (e.g. if you specify that the <body> has color black but <h1> tags have the color blue but class main-title has the color red, which will be used by <body style="color:yellow"><h1 class="main-title" style="color:green">Howdy!</h1><body>?)


Additional resources

This section contains helpful links to other content. It isn't required, so consider it supplemental for if you need to dive deeper into something.

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